About Jonna Feavel

“Helping Indie Authors Achieve The Professional Look They Deserve”

Jonna Feavel is the face behind 40 Day Graphics and she brings her artistic and creative styles to meet your expectations to create the perfect look and representation of your product.

40 Day Graphics has worked with countless authors throughout many genres. With self-publishing becoming a popular choice for authors, doors are opened for freelance work. A mutual business relationship is formed when two parties work together to create the perfect representation of a product. 40 Day Graphics wants to form that relationship with you.

Jonna’s interest in Graphic design began when her mother, Darlene Shortridge, published her first novel, Until Forever. She created as Darlene imagined and their vision laid the ground work for The Women of Prayer series. Her artistic side flourished from that moment. From that day, she only moved forward and grew into the designer she is today. 

Indie authors have a unique vision and already have a clearly formed image of how they want their book to look. The goal of 40 Day Graphics is to work closely with their clients until satisfaction is achieved. 

40 Day Graphic’s specialty is book covers but is well versed in many other designs. Promotional material, audio covers, logos, social media ads, banners, etc.