How to sign up for an account: 

When you sign up for BookWorks, you will receive an automatic response that asks you to verify your email address. Once you do that, you will be on our list, but you’ll still need to set up your profile.

Sign in using your email address and the password you created and go to “my account”.  There you will find the editing options to set up your member page so you can connect with our news feed and other members. 

Getting Into the Member Directory

In order to have your profile activated on the site, it must include your author or pen name (the name you publish under), your validated email, location, a brief bio and an image. If you are camera shy, you may substitute a bookcover or other relevant image, but you won’t be eligible to be selected as a Featured Author and/or Book of the Week author until you upload your author photo.

Adding Your Books

From there you can add your self-published book title(s) NEED TO ADD INSTRUCTIONS HERE BASED ON THE NEW SITE EDITING TOOL

Making the Most of Your Membership

How to make the most of your BookWorks account/What you can do with your account/How to use account features:

Author Profile – Tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, what inspires you, what you’re working on; toot your horn if you’d like.  Be sure to upload an author photo.  It’s a nice way to meet people in cyberspace and is one of our criteria for being chosen as a Featured Author.

Book/Title Profile – Maximize your presence by uploading a cover image for your self-published book and a compelling description.  Include your author bio, any reviews and awards, plus ISBN number for all editions. You can add a link to your author website or blog and most importantly the url link to the page where your book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and any other online retailer/distributor.

Sample Excerpt -- We encourage you to share a sample excerpt by uploading a PDF file to create a “Look Inside” option for your book. This is good for promotion and one of the requirements for consideration as Book of the Week.

Service Provider Profile – Select the category that best describes your business first and any secondary categories after to enhance search results.  Upload a photo or yourself or your company logo and provide a description of your services.  Include your company website, contact information, portfolio, credentials, client testimonials and any other information that will help our author members easily understand what you offer.

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