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Updated March 29th, 2017


First, please check that you registered for the correct account.  If you are a Service Provider who has inadvertently signed up as an Author, contact us and we will switch your account.  No need re-register.

Now that you’re in, you’ll want to complete your member profile so that you’ll be listed in our searchable Member Directory.  This will allow non-members visiting the site as well as members to see your books and/or services.

Task Roadmap


Required Info for Inclusion

The minimum requirements for our system to add your listing to our author member directory are:

  • Author/pen name (created during signup)
  • Bio
  • Select applicable genre categories
  • Photo/Image/Logo* – system will automatically crop to fit format so square images are best minimum 300x300-600x600 recommended for best resolution

*Authors may use an avatar, book cover, or other image in place of their photo if desired, but only those authors with author photo will be eligible for consideration as Featured Author or Book of the Week


Update Your Profile Info

1) To get started, visit your profile through the upper right-hand user navigation.


2) Once on your profile, click the Edit Profile button to access the editing area.


3) Once in the profile editing area, you will find yourself in the Core Info area to start, and will have a few other links to Author Info, Contact Info and Profile Avatar. Each area allows you edit different fields of your profile.

Core Info: Pen name - first, middle and last; website

Author Info: Bio; Available For - what would you like to be contacted for by media and others (select all that apply); Genres - the genres you work in (select all that apply)

Contact Info: Email; Phone and fax; Address and location; Key contacts - manager, agent, publisher, etc.

Profile Avatar: Upload a new profile image

4) Once you have completed your required changes, click the red Save Changes button to update your profile with your new info. Please note, you must click Save Changes before moving to a new section, or you will lose your changes.


Quick Editing Your Profile

BookWorks also allows quick edits to select areas of your profile, to make updating areas such as your bio a snap.

1) To quick edit your profile, view your profile by clicking Profile in the upper right-hand user menu.

2) Hover over any section, such as your displayed name, or your bio. A pencil icon will appear.

3) Click the text you wish to edit to activate it.

4) Edit the content in the field, then click anywhere off of the editable text to save it.


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