ADVERTISEMENT Support topic: Avatars, Complete Author ProfilesIs your profile suffering from ’empty head syndrome’?

We get it—you meant to do it but got busy, deem yourself sounphotogenic, are on the lam from your psycho ex, or are a former CIA operative living under an assumed identity. So why are we bringing this up? Because campers, you will only appear in our member directory if you complete the basic details of your profile, which includes a photo/avatar and a brief Support topic: Avatars, Complete Author Profiles You can certainly use your book cover, a cartoon, or picture of your pet to fulfill that requirement, but that may limit you from consideration as Featured Author or Book of the Week. (You can find out more about how we select those in our FAQ’s.)

Besides, BookWorks is all about community so it’s nice to put a face to a name. So come on…show us your pearly whites!

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