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“Voice Search is here—but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect!”

(Read the blog post all about this if you missed it.)

To celebrate our partnership with Learn Self Publishing Fast and their new Voice Search for Authors course, we’re inviting BookWorks members to pose their most pressing question to Alissa, our version of Alexa and Siri. .

She may not have the answer to the meaning of life, but the most clever, creative, or entertaining Voice Search query wins a free enrollment into Learn Self Publishing Fast’s new Voice Search for Authors course, a $199 value.

If you don’t win, you can still save big, knocking 50% off the regular price with code BOOKWORKS when you use our link to enroll

Contest closes on June 23rd and the winner will be announced here, so post your question in the comments to enter.

The special offer on the course (plus bonuses) ends on June 30th, so don’t miss out.

Profile photo of Trixie LaRue

Dear Alissa…

Started by: Trixie LaRue  • 

Alissa…is my dryer really a portal to an alternate universe where socks go who want to be free to lead the single life?

Profile photo of Ebookishreader

Siri, I can't sleep what is my bedtime story?

Started by: Rochel Ansley  • 

Siri, I can’t sleep what is my bedtime story?- This will be a shortcut to asked option to help her sleep.

Siri Answers : You can have scotch on the rock
: Read you a book ‘ The Whippersnapper and His Tubeless Tire
: Play audio book to help you sleep
: Play your favorite song

Profile photo of Steven  Ramirez
Started by: Steven Ramirez  • 

Alissa, why do people always say “You’ll be missed,” when what they mean is, “I will miss you?”

Profile photo of Donna W. Hill
Started by: Donna W. Hill  • 

Alissa, where’s that book by the blind girl, what’s-her-name, the one with the cute dog? It’s called … oh dang … it’s got “the heart” in the title.

Profile photo of Tyler Doornbos
Started by: Tyler Doornbos  • 

Me: Alissa, what’s the meaning of life, the universe and everything?

Alissa: 42.

Me: *fanboys so hard I faint*

Profile photo of James Well
Started by: James Well  • 

Alissa, what’s the most perfect first sentence ever written?

Profile photo of Carole P. Roman
Started by: Carole P. Roman  • 

Hi Alissa,

Which is the best way to write a novel, first, second, or third person?

Profile photo of BookWorks Team
Started by: BookWorks Team  • 

The winner of the free Voice Search SEO course is Donna W. Hill.
Thank you to everyone who entered!
The course is at 50% off with code BookWorks through June 30 at this link:

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