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Hi all! I’m Rachel Thompson (aka BadRedhead Media) and in addition to being an author myself (six books out so far, 4 Amazon bestsellers), I’m also a book marketing consultant (20+ years in the business).

What do writers love about as much as red pen from editors? Marketing our books. So, last year I created #NaNoProMo (National Novel Promotion Month) as a completely free initiative to help writers at all stages learn how to market our work! It starts on May 1 and runs through May 31 on my site. Nothing to sign up for, no daily check-ins, no strings. Just visit daily and leave a comment IF you want to win free consultations, books, tip sheets, and other amazing stuff!

Here’s more info on the BW blog: Get In On #FREE #NaNoProMo (National Novel Promotion Month)! via @bookworks by guest @badredheadmedia and @Nanopromo

Have questions? Ask me!

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