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Social Media Post Distribution

Posted by: James Tugend  •  May 08, 2017

The social media companies: Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, etc do not allow companies like Buffer to access your page more than once.
Can someone explain if they have used a third company or software to help send out ads on Social Media on a continued basis?
I would love any thoughts/advice on this matter.

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Started by: Social Media Just For Writers  • 

Hi James,

You can use a variety of scheduling apps, such as Buffer, to schedule updates on Facebook. However, ads need to be configured directly and there aren’t any apps that will configure or schedule advertising on social media for you.

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Started by: James Tugend  • 

I used the word ‘ads’ incorrectly. If a user wants to post comments on Facebook he or she can post as many as wanted. If they describe what he/she is working on, trying to get people to buy a book, the same is true.

But my understanding is that if you try to do that through Buffer, Facebook will stop you from repeating it, only allowing one update a week. So some people recommending changing a few opening words in each ‘update’.

This is what I’m reading from posts by other authors, on the subject of using social media to promote awareness of your book. If this is incorrect, I’m sure many of us would like to know how. This is one of the reasons it’s considered very difficult and unusual to break even, much less earn anything by self-publishing, unless you are already famous. and/or have a line of books.
Facebook and Twitter want you to buy ads from them, but they seem to be useless for a self publisher. According to the major newspapers, even large companies such as Disney have complained about being unable to confirm that their paid ads were seen by real people, as opposed to hits being generated by programs.

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