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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Posted by: BookWorks Team  •  July 10, 2017 Member Reading Suggestions Discussion forumWe hope you saw our Summer Reading Recommendations for July and August with a sampling of some engaging titles pulled from the BW BookShop. This will be a recurring series featuring selections of books in all genres, spawned by the desire to get our authors reading each other’s work and sharing their recommendations.

To that end, we invite you to share your suggestions of books worth discovering as well as your feedback on any of books you do read. This should be fun and a great way to mutually support your fellow writers. (Note: All titles need to be available for purchase and listed in the BW BookShop.)

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Started by: Robbin Miller  • 

I read “American Sickness” by Elisabeth Rosenthal. An excellent resource on how to empower yourself to challenge the medical system on their billing practices in which many times it is inaccurate and incorrect in proper charges for your care. Also, the reader will the ins and outs of how your healthcare works where profit over care rules the game. The reader will also learn some tips on how ask the right questions in knowing how you are charged for your care when the bill arrives in the mail.

Robbin Miller
Author of “Playgroup Time,” and “Three Best Friends.”

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Hi Robbin, Thank you for your comment. That sounds like a useful book for anyone dealing with the challenges of our broken healthcare system. The purpose of this forum though is to share suggestions of books that are by BookWorks authors and available in our BookShop.

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Started by: BookWorks Team  • 

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our suggested reading for August:

If you read any of these indie books (and we hope you do), let us and the author know. Let’s support each other’s efforts.

These lists will be a regular feature going forward so send us your own recommendations from among the varied and engaging books in the BW BookShop

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Started by: BookWorks Team  • 

With winter blustering away, you’ll enjoy tucking in with a good book from our January Reading List. If you missed any of our previous Recommended Reading Lists, you can find them in the Blog/Expert Advice archives under “BookWorks News” and “From Readers” categories.

Pick up one of these engaging indie reads and let us know what you think!

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