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Self-Pub U Guidelines

Posted by: BookWorks Team  •  January 15, 2017

Greetings BW tribe. Welcome to the Self-Pub U forum, dedicated to discussions about author publishing, advice, resources, and tools. Share your experiences and cautionary tales. Have you just discovered a hot tip that can help your fellow indies? Post it here. This IS a great place to meet, cultivate supportive relationships and network.  This is NOT the place to:

1.  Advertise your book, product or services – If you want people to know about what you offer you can introduce yourself and your expertise when commenting on author posts or start a Q&A on a relevant topic. You might also take advantage of our affordable Classifieds and Display Advertising.

2.  Solicit book reviews OR Ask people to buy your book  Such requests may be added to the Author Network activity feed if you wish, but they will be removed if posted here.

3.  Authors –  When posting topics, keep in mind how they may benefit others who have similar concerns.

4.  Service Providers – We encourage your participation. Do you produce audiobooks (a hot topic these days), for instance? You might open up a dialogue about what goes into audiobook production based on your professional experience. Or offer to answer questions from the community on your area of expertise.

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