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Sometimes you find simple applications that are very useful. Today I want to tell you about an application, the page, with which you can gather multiple links on a page by creating a Smartlist, and that is a simple – and free – way to direct and promote sets of links of all kinds and that you can distribute throughout the web or on social networks. It is also very appropriate in the case of including book links.

You can add all kinds of links, the possibilities are endless: lists of books, videos, links of articles, lists of personal profiles, examples of your works and designs, contents of your blog, your publications, recipes, list of catalogs, links of products , etc. Surely many of you find it interesting and I hope it will be useful for your publications.

It is very simple and quick to create one, I have done the first one with the links of my books in ten minutes, I hope you like it: My smartlist

(disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with, I just really like it and found it very useful!)

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Started by: BookWorks Team  • 

Hi Raul,

Thanks for sharing this tool with the BW community. We always appreciate such hot tips!

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Started by: Raúl Sánchez Gilo  • 

You’re welcome. I found it interesting, so that i wanted to share it. It’s mainly addressed to those who has no website, but can be also useful to those who already has a website to increase the SEO of the page with this kind of links. Regards

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Started by: Niecy M  • 

This is a great tip that I will try to insert into my webpage. Its quite distinctive with appeal. Also, can you suggest a website with a tutorial?

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Started by: Raúl Sánchez Gilo  • 

Thanks, Niecy. I think in the main page they include some tips: Best Regards!

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