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KDP Print and What Amazon Has Cooking

Posted by: Christi Love  •  February 04, 2017

Hey BW authors!

Our recent post, “What Amazon is Cooking Up Next for Indie Authors” had a lot of feedback from you. We wanted to keep that conversation going here in the discussion groups.


“ is continuing to evolve. Some of the changes currently underway, like its big push into India and its new app for children’s stories, may not affect you much as an indie writer and publisher. (Or, if you’re in a specific niche, maybe they will.) But if you are one of the many authors who use CreateSpace to print your books and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to develop your eBooks, another Amazon development may affect the way you bring your books to the world.

It is called KDP Print. It is now in experimental development, and it may change the way authors use CreateSpace and Kindle. It seems intended to help writers create print and eBooks at the same time, or produce print books from eBooks.”

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Started by: Jimbeaux Dean  • 

I think that Amazon is looking at all those Kindle-only books and drooling at the profits their POD unit could be making on them, and that they came up with a script that automates POD’ing a Kindle file. The script will just get better with time as they work out the details and bells and whistles.

I also think that the line between print and e-book will be kind of disappearing, like no-line bifocals. With this move, Amazon is bring its KDP offerings (eventually) up to the print level.

My 2¢’s worth.

== Jimmy

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Started by: John L. Nunes  • 

Amazon KDP is evolving, and that is great news. CreateSpace, however, still doesn’t publish hardback books. Disappointing.
Thinking of going with Outskirts Press for the paperback and hardback printing they offer. Moreover, OP claims to offer 100 percent royalties to its authors. Many, if not all of the other indie publishers offer considerably less. AuthorHouse offers only ten percent. It’s sister company, Xlibris, offers 25 percent. Yada, yada, yada…
Thanks for the info, Christi.
John Nunes
Self-pubbed with Amazon & CreateSpace one novel, High Stakes Fantasy. Second novel ready for publication.

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Started by: Christi Love  • 

Hi John,

Did you rule out KDP as an option because they didn’t offer hardcover. My understanding is that their new POD option allows indies to now offer print books. Since we published this, I have come across multiple reports from those who say it’s up and running so although I’m not sure if it’s still in beta, it seems to be available.

Sorry for the delay in replying…somehow I missed the notification. Let us know who you settle on and what kind of experience you have with them. It’s always helpful for authors to hear directly from other authors. Your choice of Outskirts seems the best of the lot you cite. AH & Xlibris don’t always rank high in consumer satisfaction.

Keep us posted!

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Started by: digitek printing  • 

That was cool, in this idea they have it can easily turn ebooks to printable file and no need to convert in any format because it has built parameters for printing. Looking to get my favorite ebooks to be reprinted the way I want in booklet form.

“works at

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Started by: Theresa M Moore  • 

Unless you want to wait an excessively long time for your book to come out I would not recommend the current BETA feature. There are at least two threads on the KDP community forums about the quality (or lack thereof) of printing by KDP. You are much better off using Ingram Spark to print your book and you will get free distribution world-wide. Amazon only distributes to Amazon. The choice is yours, but it took me three years to get my books available through the right publishing service. Don’t repeat my mistakes! LOL.

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Started by: BookWorks Team  • 

Hi Theresa, Thank you for sharing your author experiences so other members can benefit!

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Started by:  • 

Someone mentioned that Amazon was looking at the potential profits of offering Kindle books as POD, and I have to agree. The one thing you can be certain of what Amazon is that Amazon always has its own interests at heart. This is apparently true of most online e-book sellers, since all of them tend to follow the same general business model. I tried going exclusive with KDP, because I thought it would increase my sales. Unfortunately, the longer I was exclusive, the fewer sales I made.

I’ve also always been irked about the fact that I had to wait weeks and sometimes months to get paid for each book that got sold. That’s the reason I started doing things my own way, and so far, I’m liking the results.

Amazon is definitely the biggest in our industry, but biggest doesn’t always equate to best. Just saying.

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Started by: BookWorks Team  • 

Thank you for sharing your experience and take on this, Certainly, Amazon got to be the dominant player in the industry by focusing on their bottom line. Writers, most of whom are artists at heart, often overlook that when the time comes to deal with the business end of authorship. This is why we recommend due diligence in all matters before committing time and resources or engaging in contractual partnerships. Learning from your fellows who’ve gone before you, is another valuable way to sidestep the pitfalls, so thank you for weighing in on that score!

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