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Farming Out Conversion/Publishing

Posted by: David C Russell  •  March 08, 2017

Hello Author Works,
I am new to the group (one day) and am vision impaired using a screen reader to function on the computer and mobile devices. I have been advised to utilize sighted freelancers who are experienced to help me publish an anthology later this year on Smashwords, my personal choice of publisher.
It is my understanding “they” will convert the document file and publish to Smashwords for a service fee that has a specified range. Before then, medium copy edit services are being done independently. The anthology will be under 20-K words. Planning eBook.
– Big questions: Are there cautions I need to be aware of with this arrangement? If so, how do I find an affordable reliable ghost e-book publisher who will convert my document and publish to Smashwords, if I may coin such a term? I have tried a local Writers’ group with no success. Thank you in advance!
David C Russell, also Canorous1

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A Great Editor Could Help

Started by: Colin Beckett  • 

Hi David,

Congratulations on your project! I self-published my first novel last year:

I decided to go with Amazon CreateSpace for this one, both paperback and e-book. During the process, I was blessed to work with a gifted Editor who essentially went through the manuscript page by page and made it a better story. Editors can be hired and paid by the word or the general project size. Get your agreement in writing of course, and you may also consider registering the work with The Library of Congress for an electronic fee of $35? This adds additional protection to the copyright of your intellectual property. I did this, and I am glad that I did. Best, Colin Beckett

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Started by: David C Russell  • 

Hello again,
I am getting the hang of this system so please thank you for your patience with me. I do appreciate Colin’s reply and intro. Also, thanks for the suggestion to get a strong C-right with the Library of Congress. As to my editor, I feel competent as they are known to me through an online critique group from which I have been a participant for a couple years. This person did quite well with the sample provided.

Still, the issue of using an outsider to publish my work is on the table. Screen readers are not the greatest text analyzers and that is the issue with seeing the conversion through on my own from doc file to e-book. Hence, hire out has been suggested. I am getting a funny impression this is an Amazon/Kindle slanted group, and if I have misrepresented terms of service or such in any way, please accept my apologies. The article about Front Matter Matters was the springboard that led me to this group.. Thanks again!
David Russell

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