Zehiya’s dream is to have an eagle of her own, like her father and his father and her grandmother too. For they are of the Kyrgyz tribe and are a family of falconers and sword makers. They live on Lake Issyk Kul in Central Asia in a time that was long ago, ancient times. When tragedy strikes, Zehiya must leave her home and all she has known. In a quest to find her Buddhist teacher, the Spirit Eagle guides her as she travels the ancient silk road, on her horse with her falcon. Along the way she is challenged to rise beyond her limitations. And along the way too, she finds true friends.
A young adult Buddhist fiction novel.


"I loved this story! Zehiya is sent on a quest with her horse and her falcon to a distant land. I love the survival aspect of this story, as well as the journey. I really enjoyed Zehiya's character, she was well written and interesting. I also loved her love of animals. This story is well written, and a quick read! I also enjoyed the mystery of the Spirit Eagle's quest."

Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland

"I enjoyed this book!"

Mary Nee

"What a wonderful read! I've recommended it to many friends!"

Brie McGirr

"... I recommend this novel to young adult readers and people that enjoy spiritual stories." 

Happy Booker

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About Mayra Sonam Paldon

Mayra's tales of adventure draw from her love of history and many years in the study and practice of Buddhism. ​

Throughout her adventure novels she weaves events taken from history with the wisdom of these ancient teachings.

"I love adventure, so most of all I create a story that I would want to read."

Mayra lives in the California Sierra foothills on the edge of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon wilderness.

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