Zana and the Space Pirates

Zana's Space Adventures 1
"Zana and the Space Pirates" is the first book in the series of Zana's space adventures.  Children love Zana's world where she can take off in her own rocket with her robot assistant Ira and be home in time for dinner. A great book to read to children or an early chapter book they can read themselves.
Kids love to think, dream and read about the future and reading science fiction books like Zana and her space adventures can inspire creativity and encourages kids to think; what else is possible?!
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Ky Adams is an educator, writer and artist. She is passionate about inspiring young people to read books of all kinds and to be interested in science, technology, space and the future. Most of her books revolve around these themes. She is very thankful for being able to sit around in her pajamas and write down crazy things that she thinks up. She is even more thankful for her terrific readers who want to read those crazy things! She hopes to inspire young people to hurry and invent clothes that wash and put themselves away and an inexpensive robot to cook and clean. She lives in Texas with her family.  Be the first to learn about new books by signing up at her website:

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