You’re Everything Everywhere All the Time

You're Everything Everywhere All the Time is an illustrated poem told in rhyming verse in which a little boy learns to personally identify with everything around him, including elements of nature, celestial bodies, animals and insects, other people, the intangible emotion of love, electrons, even the concepts of space and time.

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Donn Swaby was born and raised in Queens, New York. Encouraged by loving parents to explore his artistic expression, Donn developed his passion for drawing, painting, writing, and acting in both high school and college.  He has written stage plays, screenplays, articles, short stories and poetry, including having written and starred in the film, Buds for Life, available on DVD. He also wrote and directed a One Act of six short plays collectively titled, The Lost and Found.

Donn was a long time Staff Writer for Melt Magazine, an on-line alternative women’s magazine, writing music reviews, restaurant reviews, feature interviews, and the What's Cool L.A. page ( He was also an Off-the-Bus blogger on during the 2006 presidential primary campaign (

Donn drew inspiration for his picture book, You’re Everything, Everywhere All the Time from the work of the artist Gerald Mc Dermott, who masterfully illustrated folk tales from cultures around the world.

Donn currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, Cynthia.

You can find more information on Donn and his work at

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