You Can’t NOT Communicate (Second Edition)

Proven Communication Solutions that Power the Fortune 100

You Can't NOT Communicate is now in its Second Edition - David Grossman is back with a new version of the book that started it all-the second edition of "You Can't NOT Communicate: Proven Communication Solutions that Power the Fortune 100". For corporate communicators and leaders across all industries who value communication as a key driver of business results, the second edition of "You Can't NOT Communicate" is a proven resource. The second edition of "You Can't NOT Communicate" offers expanded content that explores the business of communicating and provides an in-depth guide to strategic planning for CEOs and opens with a new foreword by Jeff Stratton, Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chief Restaurant Officer of McDonald's Corporation. Along with anecdotes, tips, and actionable steps for leaders across all industries, the second edition of "You Can't NOT Communicate" outlines proven communication strategies and skills leaders need to create strategic messaging for employees, to manage the human aspect of organizational challenges and change, to become better leaders, and to drive business results. ******** David Grossman, author and award-winning leadership communication expert, has spent years posing this question to his clients: "If you know that you are constantly communicating, don't you want to do it effectively?" David has spent his career helping leaders use communication to be more successful and to become leadercommunicators, and he shares his insights, lessons, and strategies in the second edition of his first book, You Can't NOT Communicate. The ideas and skills presented in this book can help any leader, whether a seasoned veteran or a first-time manager, enhance their current level of success and become a leadercommunicator.


“This must-read book highlights the importance of communication in bridging the organization’s strategies and goals with an individual’s performance. This is the key to making things happen and getting results.”

-- Norm Wesley, Former Chairman and CEO, Fortune Brands

“A leader’s ability to communicate goals, objectives and desired outcomes on a consistent basis is key to achieving great results.  I know first-hand that David’s right when he advocates that every leader should have a platform.  When employees understand the direction of an organization or team, they’re more productive and engaged – in our case, they make it real in the restaurants. The tools and insights David shares in his book have been instrumental in elevating my leadership and results.  It’s required reading for any leader looking to play to his or her strengths and inspire others to win.  If you want to make your mark as a leader, engage in thoughtful words and act on them.”

-- Jeff Stratton, Global Chief Restaurant Officer, McDonald’s Corporation

"David's perspective on leadership communications and his methodologies have really made a difference in our organization. They helped our leadership team articulate our strategy and goals to better engage employees and create shared understanding about the direction of Shedd and how they each contribute. Furthermore, his methods helped align our leaders around the key behaviors needed to build clarity and trust, and build stronger teams.  People development is critical in our organization, and using David's methodology and tools helped us make significant strides in leadership communication to ensure that Shedd's team is engaged and highly informed. Any leader looking to strengthen their teams and accelerate results should get to know David and his methodology. "

-- Ted Beattie, President and CEO, Shedd Aquarium

“David’s smart, sincere and thoughtful approach models the strategies he advocates. To sit and speak with David is to get a healthy dose of communication-101, whether one is a novice or an aspiring expert. As I transitioned from a senior management role to executive director, David’s wisdom guided me, and continues to shape my approach to many aspects of my work”.

-- Dr. Jeff Boehm, Executive Director, The Marine Mammal Center

“David Grossman has a remarkably ‘simple’ way of making communicating and the art of communicating into a strategic weapon for an organization.”

-- Raj Gupta, Executive Director, The CEO Perspective Program, Kellogg School of Management

“Communication is critical for leaders at all levels of an organization. Great leaders understand the value of communication and how to use it strategically. This book provides unique strategies for making leadership communication impactful and effective across a wide variety of audiences. A valuable resource for anyone in a leadership role.”

-- Tamar Elkeles, Ph.D., Vice President of Learning and Org Development, Qualcomm

“The corporate world has experienced so much change in recent years—from economic upheaval to heightened societal expectations to the emergence of new technologies and new media—that you’d think leaders would have learned how to manage it. But the reality is that many of those in leadership positions—from supervisors to CEOs—continue to underestimate the quantity and quality of communication necessary to guide their organizations through an ever-changing business landscape. Fortunately, David Grossman has produced a book that reminds leaders of the importance of getting communication right, and more important, provides them with the tools they need to master the communications challenge.”

-- Paul Holmes, Editor and Publisher, The Holmes Report

"Effective communication is essential in every organization today. David's words not only engage and inspire leaders at a visionary level, but he also provides a host of pragmatic strategies that are easy to implement and applicable to organizations of all sizes and types. Leaders committed to their own development as well as the success of their organizations 'can't not' read this important book."

-- Dr. Thomas Hagerman, Superintendent, River Forest School District

"Trust is central to effective leadership communication and there is no more a trustworthy advisor on the topic than David Grossman. He offers practical advice that is immediately actionable – advice that may sound so simple that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. That’s the magic of You Can’t Not Communicate. Leaders who read this book will find themselves experiencing many “aha” moments."

-- Sally Benjamin Young, Vice President, Communications, Lundbeck Inc.

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David Grossman, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA helps leaders drive productivity and get the results they want through authentic and courageous leadership communication. He’s a sought-after speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 leaders. A three-time author, David is CEO of The Grossman Group, an award-winning Chicago-based strategic leadership development and internal communication consultancy; clients include: DuPont Pioneer, Eastman Chemical Company, Lockheed Martin, McDonald’s, Motel 6 and Tyco, to name a few.

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