Writing to Be Understood

What Works and Why

Have you ever wondered what makes your favorite nonfiction books so compelling, understandable, or enjoyable to read? Those works connect with you, as a reader. When you recognize what what's happening, you can apply those same methods to your own writing.

Writing To Be Understood is the thinking writer's guide to effective nonfiction writing techniques, such as:

- Using analogies effectively to illustrate unseen concepts
- Appealing to the reader's innate curiosity
- Alternating between abstraction and detail in explanations
- Balancing humility with credibility

For each topic, the book combines insights from cognitive science with advice from writers and expert practitioners in fields of psychology, technology, economics, medicine, policy, and more.

Whether you're an expert trying to communicate with a mainstream audience or a nonfiction writer hoping to reach more people, Writing to be Understood will help you expand the impact of your words.

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"In this straightforward, practical guide from Janzer (The Writer's Process), the 'why' of her subtitle provides her book's most intriguing aspect...[H]er belief that the world needs effective communicators of challenging and multifaceted topics provides this entry into a crowded genre with an unusually compelling reason for being."  - BookLife review in Publisher's Weekly

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About Anne Janzer

Anne Janzer is an award-winning author on a mission to help people communicate more effectively.

As a professional writer, Anne spent years writing for scores of technology companies. That experience led her to write her first book, about marketing for the subscription economy.

Once she started writing books, she was hooked. She's now written three books about writing. Her most recent book, Writing to Be Understood, is about the craft and science of effective nonfiction writing - what's going on in the reader's head and how to make an impression.

Anne blogs about writing at, where you can sign up for her Writing Practices list or online courses.

To stay up to date on her latest books, follow Anne on Amazon.

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