Your Dog's Secrets Revealed

WoofiLeaks--Your Dog's Secrets Revealed is an amusing (and, yes, even educational) book about dog behavior. Available as paperback now, coming soon as eBook and hardcover, this tell-all explains why dogs do the dozens of wonderful--yet puzzling--things they do.

But you might ask: "Why do I need to know these secrets?" Well, think about this:

Whenever your dog does something weird or odd it always makes perfect sense to your dog--but it mystifies you, right? Wouldn't life be better if you had some insights into what your dog is doing--and why? Wouldn't dogs like it better if you didn't keep scowling--or yelling--when they're just goofing off? Or maybe doing some important dog stuff?

Max, a wise old standard poodle, has teamed up with author/illustrator John Emmerling to leak dozens of centuries-old canine secrets. WoofiLeaks will unmask your dog's hidden world--you'll finally learn the amazing answers to questions like these:

--Why do dogs sniff hydrants?

--Why do puppies pull on the leash?

--Why do dogs chase balls?

--Why do dogs love the beach?

--Why do dogs want to sleep in your bed?

--Do dogs think they look like their owners?

--What is the Official Dog Position on keeping animals in zoos?

--Can old dogs learn new tricks?

--Will your dog ever stop loving you?

As Max spills these secrets (and many more), you'll enjoy a constant stream of "Ah hah!" moments. You'll catch yourself thinking, "Molly does that!" or "Duke's been holding out on me!" or simply: "Well--yes--that does seem logical."

Read WoofiLeaks and your dog will be awed by how smart you suddenly became.


"Max has all the makings of a country music lyricist.
If he could write a couple verses about trains and prisons, he'd be well
on his way."
—ROSANNE CASH Grammy-winning Singer/Songwriter

"Even though Max is a dog—and not a bird—he is wonderful."
—ROZ CHAST cartoonist, The New Yorker, devoted bird-lover

"Max... You and I write at the same watering hole!"
—MIKE PETERS, cartoonist, Mother Goose & Grimm

"Max explained why dogs compete to pee on hydrants. Will his next book be The War of The Noses?"
—WARREN ADLER, novelist, author of The War of The Roses

Profile Photo John Emmerling

About John Emmerling

studied architecture at the University of Michigan. He also drew cartoons for the campus humor magazine and wrote freelance gag lines for Hallmark Cards. This odd mix of skills led to advertising where he became an award-winning copywriter at Young & Rubicam. John moved on to be a creative director, then founded his own ad agency. His many TV campaigns and jingles included a favorite of the under-five set: "Yum, Yum Bumble Bee." John wrote and illustrated WoofiLeaks under the strict supervision of his wise and street-savvy canine companion, Max.
John's longtime mantra: Innovation is creativity with a job to do.
He lives in Manhattan.

hails from a long line of standard poodles native to the gentle hills of New Hampshire. While still a puppy his mother taught him canny lessons for life, including "Coyotes are not dogs," "Little boys pull tails," and "Trust your master--but read the small print on the kibble bag." Once he had moved to New York City, Max made thousands of canine pals--hip mixed breeds, courageous rescues, and pedigreed dogs from A to Z. Max hopes you will enjoy his groundbreaking book, WoofiLeaks. And he would like to take this opportunity to thank John, who helped out with the typing.

Max's longtime mantra: If a dog says it, you can believe it.
Formerly a resident of Manhattan, Max now lives in John's memory.

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