Women at the Reins

Farm Memories Based on the Collection From Mules to Microwaves

If you wish you could recall just one of those rich old stories your grandmother used to tell about her life on the farm, this is the book to jog your memory. From tales of homemade underwear, sewn of flour sacking with the words Self-rising stamped on the backside, to stories of quilt making, cotton picking and butter churning, Women at the Reins paints a complete portrait of life on the farm.

Collected by the American Agri-Women as a special From Mules to Microwaves project, these stories preserve the oral and written histories of rural women, documenting history from a woman's perspective. Describing rural lifestyles across the United States, these stories span the years from the time when immigrants first set foot on American soil until present day. This book opens with a section on stitchery and quilts, followed by chapters piecing together the bits and scraps making up the whole woman, until the final chapter culminates with blessings that come with experience. Love of family and country life, and a healthy sense of humor are a common thread. Interwoven through the whole cloth of the anthology are stitches of the author's life. Vintage photographs enhance these charming tales


Good stories of how life was in early America & how hard people worked to survive.

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LaRayne M. Topp has enjoyed the world of freelance writing since she began putting words together for the local newspaper in 1987. A journalist and English major by education, Topp is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild, a writing organization founded in 1925 by Nebraska writers of note: Willa Cather, Bess Streeter Aldrich, John G. Neihardt, Mari Sandoz and others. She is a stringer for a daily newspaper; has been a contributing editor for a number of regional and national magazines; and is also both a novelist and non-fiction writer, both traditionally published and an Indie author. Her books are available in digital or print on Amazon. They include the following:

Her most recent: Just Go: The Idea Book, Discovering What You Have to Offer

Eighty-one Seconds: The Attack and Aftermath as Tornadoes Hit Pilger, Stanton, Wakefield and Wisner, Nebraska

Letters from Lee: One Man's Story of Vietnam

Women at the Reins: Farm Memories Based on the Collection From Mules to Microwaves

Images of America: Cuming County, Nebraska, by Arcadia Publishing

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