Woman of Flames

Based on the life of a Jewish prophet, "Woman of Flames" is a sweeping epic of how faith, lust, and revenge can drive nations into war. As a child, Deborah must convince those around her that her visions are a gift from the Hebrew God, whom she is called to serve. As she matures, Deborah battles the prejudices of her people to achieve the position God has ordained, that of a spiritual leader for Israel. Growing in power and confidence, Deborah accepts God's promise to use her to free her people from their oppressors. One man stands in her way-Sisera, general of the Canaanite army. With nine hundred chariots, thousands of soldiers, and the help of a sadistic priest, Sisera relentlessly pursues his one objective-total annihilation of the Israelites. After he captures Deborah, his life is altered in ways he never dreamed possible. Attracted to her power and consumed by her beauty, Sisera's single obsession becomes to possess Deborah, body and soul. Deborah fights against the temptations of her enemy, and her own fears, to ignite a fire of rebellion that could set her people free.


Rating: 5.0 stars
Reviewed by Lisa Jones for Readers' Favorite
Woman of Flames by Kim Stokely has captured my heart and filled me with peace. It was written in such a way that the reader can sympathize with the plight of Deborah and the suffering of her people at the hands of the Canaanites. Each character is unique and flawlessly developed, enabling a rich understanding of what the author is trying to portray. It is a long novel separated into three parts, but each section is just as wonderful as the other - I could not put this down. Although I am not Jewish or Hebrew, I am a Christian and I am warmed by this fantastic novel which filled my soul with much peace. I was lost in the story, eager to learn more, and I was not disappointed. I recommend this book to all and I am sure that it will fill your heart with peace and inspire you as it has me.

Rating: 5.0 stars
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite
Woman of Flames by Kim Stokely is a well written historical fiction which will enthrall readers with its imagery, passion, and story line. Deborah is a gifted child and from childhood she has this task of convincing people around her that she is special and it is God's will that she is the spiritual leader of Israel...The imagery is wonderful. The author has masterfully written the physical battles and the emotional battles inside Deborah and woven them together, making it more dramatic metaphorically. Readers who like historical characters, The Old Testament stories, and Biblical women will love this book. This compelling historical fiction will keep you riveted with its powerful story line, wonderful imagery, and rich passion.

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The wife of a submariner, Kim has lived in eight states over the last twenty years. She used her background in Drama (a B.F.A. from the University of Connecticut and a Master's Degree from Regent University) to stay relatively sane throughout all those moves by performing in various plays and musicals, including a one-person show about women in the Bible.

In 2004, the Navy transferred her family to Omaha, Nebraska, a perfectly logical move that never made sense to her mother. An avid reader, Kim has written novels in several genres, including Biblical, Contemporary, Inspirational Fiction and Young Adult Fantasy. Kim's story Winter Trees was a semi-finalist in the Christian Writer's Guild's 2010 Operation First Novel contest. Her non-fiction Inspirational and humor stories have appeared in several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Vista and online at She is a regular paid contributor to Thriving Family online magazine.

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