With a Heart For Any Fate

Hazel's Memoir

Woman’s Suffrage.  Influenza epidemic. War.  See how those three things impact an ordinary American girl as she comes of age during the early decades of the 20th Century.  Follow her journey to independence in this historical memoir based upon diaries written by Hazel Hungerford Howland from 1908-1920.  With A Heart for Any Fate reveals the story of Hazel’s determination and perseverance to achieve her dream—only to wrestle with a decision which could result in leaving the dream behind.

Experience life through Hazel’s eyes as she tells the story leading up to her decision to accept, or not, Carlton Corwith’s marriage proposal. Travel along with her as she transitions from an upstate New York high school student to a Southampton High School teacher.  Discover how her actions are influenced by growing up on a rural family farm, moving to an urban environment, and teaching during the contention for woman’s voting rights, influenza epidemic of 1918 and World War I.

Which life will she choose?


"Written in a creativen non-fiction form, With a Heart For Any Fate is a great summer read.  It touches on many aspects of social history in the early twentieth century including women's suffrage, World War I and the influenza epidemic that followed.  Author Sharon S Atkins, Hazel's granddaughter, has done a wonderful job researching the time period and tells her grandmother's story with compassion and understanding."  Barbara J Starmans, Out of My Tree Genealogy News

I love history, and this is a warm, enthralling book that takes you straight into the heart of what it was like to be a woman at the beginning of the 20th Century. Atkins takes her grandmother's handwritten letters and transforms them for the reader into a lovely, graceful story taking us through her childhood as a farmgirl, through World War I, and the devastating flu epidemic of that era. Compare this to the stories of Katherine Ann Porter, and Atkins does not fail to measure up. I recommend the book to anyone interested in history, in challengers women have faced, or in love. Roccie Hill, Author, Window of Exposure and Three Minutes on Love

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About Sharon S Atkins

Passionate about genealogy research and assisting people discover their personal connection to history, Sharon thrives on writing the stories behind real people. Using her thirty-six years of genealogy research experience, Sharon is also the author of several genealogy-related educational publications.

She is a popular speaker, founder of It's All Relatives and co-founder of GenBiz Solutions, a board member of APG (Association of Professional Genealogists), a member of NAGS (Northern Arizona Genealogy Society) and past President of AzCPG (Arizona Council of Professional Genealogists).

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