Winters Day

No one looks for pain, but some women seem to attract it.

Jolie Winter’s and her cousin, Debbie are more than family, and when you have someone that close they can sometimes lead you astray. Debbie sets Jolie up on dates with some disastrous results.

Then, Debbie, gets sick, and Jolie finds herself adrift, turning back to her first love, Dave to anchor her from the storms in her life. But what good is an anchor if it’s dragging you under? And is Jolie strong enough to leave the man she thought so perfect to find a love that offers life, not death?

Set in modern-day suburban Britain, Winter’s Day investigates the tough issues of love and abuse, strength and dependence. Multi-layered and emotional, it takes the reader for a roller-coaster ride of the human psyche in all its glory, drenched in gritty realism and laugh-aloud humour.

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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite
Winters Day by DM Wolfenden is a great entry in the chick lit category, a story that follows the friendship between two cousins, Jolie and Debbie. The bond between the cousins is stronger than that between family members, but they are two distinct personalities. While Debbie is outgoing and adventurous, her cousin is the reserved and shy type, so Debbie hooks her up with guys and the dates often end badly. Jolie still trusts her cousin, but when she becomes sick, Jolie has to get along on her own. Could going back to her ex-boyfriend, Dave, ensure her stability? It's interesting to follow these characters and to enjoy the masterful handling of themes like insecurity, dependency, self-image, and the cost of not facing one's reality.

Winters Day is a compelling, character-driven story that has deep psychological and emotional layers, a story that explores some of the complex emotions that readers have. The setting comes across powerfully and I was thrilled from the start with the author's apt description of the atmosphere at the Indian restaurant. Modern day, suburban Britain is portrayed in a masterful way. DM Wolfenden has a gift for well-crafted dialogues and insightful writing, unveiling emotional insights that will arrest the attention of readers and excite their minds. The language itself is beautiful and I was drawn in by it. The novel is well-paced and readers learn slowly to care about the protagonist. This is a story that is purpose-driven and that will resonate with readers. It was a fun read for me.

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About DM Wolfenden

Hi everyone, a little insight into what makes me, me. I love all things dark and am a horror addict. I grew up watching the old British hammer horror TV movies. Most of my stories have a dark side and one of my friends said they represent me pretty well: a little dark with a lot of heart. I hope that’s true and not her just being nice as I use that now as my tag line.

My passion is short stories and I hope to write at least three a year. I have a lot of tattoos and a couple of piercings. I want to go bungee jumping one day but I’m scared of heights (not sure how that’s going to work, maybe I can do it from a small tree or a bush).

Apart from my love of horror, I am an animal lover. Unfortunately now because of my job I can’t have any pets. I work away from home on the oil rigs for threes weeks at a time. But, that might be just as well, most of the animals that were part of my family were…quirky. My cat, who died at 23 thought he was a dog, he would growl at strangers coming into the house and if I was digging in the garden he would be right beside me, digging as well.

Then there was my suicidal goldfish, Spencer whom I won at the fair. I did the usual when you win the goldfish, you buy one of those bowls and a tub of food and think you will have a wonderful time with the new addition to the family. After finding him on the floor five mornings in a row (One day he had gone completely black but still pulled through), I had to go out and buy him a tank with a lid on it. He lived for twelve years and got a spot in one of my books. Winters Day.

And the pet Chilean rose back tarantula, Anna, that loved to cuddle up under my knee when she was out, but if she was in her vivarium she would attack me if I tried to put my hand in and let her out for her run; no one else, just me.

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