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Why You Need a DWI Lawyer after the Suspension of Your Driver’s License

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Losing a driver’s license can be a disaster since you have to undergo a long legal process before you get your license back. On top of that, you have to go to work 5 days a week and take your kids to school. All those responsibilities are brought to a halt where you have to think of an alternative to go to work and have your kids in school and back. The sudden change of the status quo will be difficult to adapt to. Luckily, you can hire a lawyer to help you manage such a situation and provide you with a way forward to return you to your current situation.

To handle your case

The case will involve convincing the judge to issue an order to the department of public safety (DPS) so that you can receive the license. This may not be easy as depending on the cause that led to the suspension of your driver’s license. If it is the case of DWI, it might require the lawyer to build a strong case in order to convince the judge in issuing occupational license Fort Worth.

To help you get an occupational license

It is not easy to get an occupational license. You have to get the order from the judge or the DPS. The process can be complex if not tiring for anyone who does know their way around this issue. It is for this that you will need a DWI lawyer who has vast experience handling similar cases in the past. You have to submit a copy of the petition and the copy of the court order to the department of public security. On top of that, you will need to pay for both the occupational license and reinstatement before you can be issued with the occupational license Fort Worth by the DPS.

To handle all the legal paperwork

There are a lot of things that need to be handled in the case you want to be issued with an occupational license Fort Worth. All that can be too much or you but for a lawyer, it is just another day at work. He will be able to process all the requirements for you to get the license as you wait for your original driver’s license which could be more than 1 month. Things like an insurance cover will be required to be submitted before you can be issued with this license

To increase your chances of winning a case

The earlier you involve a professional with legal expertise to your case, the better chances you have of winning the case. No lawyer, however good they are, can guarantee their client of winning the case. It is all about how you will make your submissions at the court. Even with a simple case as the suspension of a driver’s license can be difficult to win. However, bringing in a good lawyer onboard will increase your chances of winning and thus you will be able to get an occupational license to drive in Fort Worth.

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