Why is it that my kite won’t fly?

The Power of Strategic Project Management

This is a book that explores the reasons why so many project teams, despite all efforts, fail to complete their projects in good terms and while fulfilling the requirements and expectations that were set by their Customers at the beginning of their journey, and it offers concrete strategies for dealing with under performance, while using a unique approach. Project Management is in many ways like flying a kite. For those of you, who work in Project Organizations, and who have been fortunate enough to have flown a kite during your childhood, and for those who have carried this exciting activity through your mature lives and made it a hobby, I hope that you like me, are able to see the many analogies that flying a kite has with managing a project, and benefit from the concepts and strategies presented in this book to effectively lead your projects to success. One of the most difficult things to do when flying a kite is bringing it down, like a project when is reaching the crucial time and deadlines are pressing, a kite may get stuck in a tree, land on the roof of a house, or get tangled on an electrical wire. All prior planning would help, but it will be more about the skills of the pilot to bring it down safely. Project Management, like flying a kite, requires techniques, experience and skills to finish the project on terms. Come with me... Let's fly our kites together!


Reviewed by Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite

4 stars

Why Is It That My Kite Won’t Fly: The Power of Strategic Project Management by Roberto Rodriguez Esteves is all about making sure that you are the best project manager that you can be. Though anyone can become a project manager, it is essential to understand the skills and processes necessary in order to be a truly great one. It is not an easy thing to do after all. This book explains many of the different concepts that you may come across as a project manager, and what you may experience as you are attempting to fulfill this position.

I liked that this book was written by someone with firsthand experience. Esteves provides some of his own ideas and thoughts on the subject as well as providing some inspirational quotes and charts that make all of the processes much easier to understand. This book is a great choice for someone looking to take that step into project management. They will be able to learn a lot from Why Is It That My Kite Won’t Fly. Though it is a short read, there are a lot of important information and tips included in this book which will help anyone, even if you aren’t actually chosen as project manager. If you’re just working within a professional organization you’ll want to read this book because you’ll actually learn a lot that can be applied to you as well. Breaking down the text with bullet points of important information also helps to make it easy to understand and easy to locate the information you want to come back to for future reference.

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About Roberto Rodriguez Esteves

Roberto Rodriguez Esteves started his career as a structural maintenance engineer working for an airline in Venezuela. He then moved to Hawaii, U.S.A, where he specialized in non-destructive testing while working for several industries. He returned to Venezuela to join PDVSA and the oil and gas industry in 1991 and has been working for the industry ever since. Some of the positions that he has held include construction engineer, project engineer, engineering manager, project manager, quality and HSE director, manager of capital projects, and entrepreneur.

Thirty years of professional experience has contributed to developing strategies in several areas of the business, including process improvement, project management, quality management, communications, change and risk management, leadership, and team-building. He has worked in developing and certifying Quality Management Systems and performing audits to project teams and organizations. In recent years, he has dedicated to creating a software application for project management based on integrating quality and project management concepts.

“Balance is the most desirable state of a healthy human being. This may mean something different to each individual. In essence, it means learning to balance between work, family, body, spirit and society.”

“Quality is in everything that you do. Doing everything with quality is not a given, though. It comes through a continuous learning process that accepts failure as a significant contributor, aided by the ability to transform substandard work processes into effective ones.”

A balanced quality oriented project manager stands a much better chance of being successful while executing his (her) project.

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