Where Shadows Lie

Portals of Ayden, Book 2

In the few weeks Ally Foster has spent in Ayden, the 16-year-old has survived two assassination attempts, a horrific psychological attack and agreed to marry her enemy, Lord Braedon, in order to save the boy she loves. When her life is again threatened, Ally finds refuge back in the 21st century. But even the modern world can’t protect her, or those she loves, from Braedon. With another of her friends threatened with torture and death, Ally must return and accept her fate as the queen of Ayden. As Braedon devises even greater threats against her, Ally searches outside of herself, and her family, for help. She seeks to learn more about Ruahk, the mysterious god who wants her to rule this perilous world. What she discovers puts her at odds with not only Lord Braedon, but with her father who has waited 16 years to avenge his wife’s murder.

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