What Does Spider Poop Look Like?

Did you know that tarantula and bird poop look the same? That some small birds excrete toxic weapons? Or that rabbits eat their own feces only to poop it out again? How about the fact that cricket manure smells like oranges? No? This book covers that and more in the weird world of animal poop.

This book explains why different animals poop different ways. It uses pictures and links to websites and videos to satisfy even the most curious of gross science enthusiasts. You'll find yourself trying to identify animal poop later and even trying to figure out what the animal last ate.

Great for any classroom, this book is short enough to keep their attention but filled with wild and crazy facts few would guess to be true. The e-version has embedded links to further their education. The paperback provides the same links, but they must be typed out in a browser.

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"Kids will laugh and want to share their new "stinky" knowledge with all their friends at school.

Who knows, my grandson may decide to become a zoologist when he grows up. Besides, it's rather important to know whether the scat in your yard was left by a rabbit or a skunk!"

"Interesting topic and very educational. I stumbled across this book and couldn’t resist because I did not know what spider poop looked like. Now I do! Lots of good information presented in a fun format that kids will enjoy while learning about a variety of insects, birds, and animal habits."

"So if my kids wrote the review they would give it higher than 5 stars. They LOVED this book. My husband and I loved the information but the pictures were a bit much for us. My kids (9,8,7,7 and 5) ALL loved the pictures and informations. My 9 year old called it "Fascinating". So I think if you let your kids explore this extremely informative book, they will enjoy it a ton. It is fascinating for them because a lot of kids wonder what different animals poop looks like. And a couple animals that my kids didn't think pooped at all. So it was pretty neat for them to learn all this stuff. Opens their minds about Biology and gets them more interested in animals. Fantastic job. I liked the info... the poop pictures were just too graphic for me."

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