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Welcome to the Galaxy

or, How I learned to Appreciate the Importance of a Good Flocking

Welcome to the Galaxy is a humorous science fiction story set in the very near future. It begins when a traveling, snake-oil-style, junk dealer named Quane arrives on Earth to sell a dilapidated stardrive engine as a stolen museum piece. Coincidentally, he looks like the devil. So he hand sews a ragged dog costume as a disguise to prevent frightening his human customers and gain their trust.

Of course, the derelict engine breaks down shortly after departure of the inaugural human expedition to the stars and maroons the crew in a gravitational dimension known as Dark Space. That sets off a chain of human blunders, alien misunderstandings, and evolutionary coincidences which combine to raise Earth’s status from a jerk-water planet in the galactic backwater to one of the richest and most influential in the galaxy.
Welcome to the Galaxy is written with enough attention to scientific detail to satisfy hardcore science fiction readers, but in a humorous style that makes the science easily accessible to all.
Welcome to the Galaxy also establishes a fundamentally new and novel method for interstellar travel that does not involve warp drives or wormholes.

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About Martin Tabat

Originally from Wisconsin, Tabat has tried his hand at a variety of professions including: donut baker, licensed private investigator, photographer, welder, and laser machinist. He currently lives in New Hampshire and works as an experimental chemist and aspiring author.

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