Wapiti and the Western Wolf

A Landscape-Scaled Retrospective Review

Wild lands cultivate a keen interest in scientists, sportsmen, and enthusiasts alike. The reintroduction of gray wolves to Yellowstone National Park in the 1990s and the natural return of wolves to the western United States has sparked intense public interest in the role of predation on the population dynamics of the deer and the American elk, also known as the wapiti. While science can often speculate at the long-term ecological and social consequences of rebounding apex predator groups to the Cascade and Rocky Mountain states, one thing is certain: new undertakings that will forever change the way we understand the earth's dynamics and the role of wildlife management have been brought about by these captivating animals.

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About Jamie L. Sandberg

Jamie L. Sandberg is an ecologist, freelance writer, and artist living in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Ms. Sandberg received a degree from Huxley College of the Environment in Bellingham, Washington in 2012. The author's writing career began shortly after with reporting on endangered species recovery for Conservation Northwest in Washington State. "Wapiti and the Western Wolf: A Landscape-Scaled Retrospective Review" is a thesis on the author's scientific research on gray wolf and ungulate interactions in the western United States. She has gone on to work for other non-profits and sustainable industries while continuing to create fine art works and publish independent prose.

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