Unleash Your Cash Flow Mojo

The Business Owner’s Guide to Predicting, Planning and Controlling Your Company’s Cash Flow.
Cash Flow Management

How is it that some businesses manage to flourish and become financially successful, and yet many do not? How do they accomplish what seems to be magical success? It is a matter of viewing cash flow management with a bit of a different viewpoint, learning that the old tools, while useful for certain things, are not adequate by themselves, and not making the fatal mistakes that many business owners make in managing their company’s money.

What are the qualities that empower a business owner to manage cash flow so they flourish financially? They are simple yet powerful actions that unleash the mojo (magical powers) of substantial, sustainable cash flow. In this book you will discover that unleashing the cash flow mojo is within the grasp of every business owner who cares to make use of it.

By reading this book, you will have a better chance than others of unleashing the mojo and using it to good effect. This book is not a motivational tool. It is a guide to a new way of thinking about and handling money. It contains the steps of a system and explains how to avoid the fatal mistakes inherent in managing the cash flow in a business. It even goes so far as to guide you through reversing mistakes you have made with money in the past.

The key is the sub-title: The Business Owner’s Guide to Predicting, Planning and Controlling Your Company’s Cash Flow. Most business owners work in reverse – using accounting to look at where the money went (often, more than what came in…), rather than PLANNING and CONTROLLING.


Sandra Simmons' book, `Unleash Your Cashflow Mojo' comes at a time we all need it most. These days, it's not enough to just have the guts to start a business--you must have the right know-how not only to competently run the business from day to day, but also to make sure it has a future. And at the heart of every business is the management of its lifeblood--money, and how it flows in and out of your organization. And believe me, it is both complicated and simple.

This book gives the control and actual management of money--the money your business earns and spends--back in the owner's hands--your hands. As the book points out, most business people regard accounting in the wrong way--by merely using accounting as a means to see where the money went. What this book emphasizes is having more control of how your money moves within the business organization in such a way that not only there are more earnings and less spending, but also of how you can keep it that way, year on year, as your company grows.

Sandra Simmons knows what she writes about--she knows the program by heart, and the cash flow method she describes in this book has actually helped many a struggling businessman bring their company into the black. Let me emphasize this: `Unleash Your Cashflow Mojo' is not some vague BS-ridden self-help motivational book, but a practical guide written in easy to understand and very helpful language. Regard it as a "walkthru," if you will. And if you're thinking of starting a business--whether it's a lemonade stand or something much more complex--reading this book is highly recommended. You will avoid many of the usual pitfalls encountered by new business owners, thus saving yourself not only from so much trouble, but also from wasting money, time and effort.

Five stars!

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Sandra Simmons, President and Founder of Money Management Solutions, Inc. has been coaching business owners on her cash flow management system since 1994. As creator of the Cash Flow Mojo® system she has helped thousands of business owners reverse their cash flow mistakes, increase their income and profits, and become solvent and viable companies. Her books and software are in use by business owners in 30 countries around the world in over 70 industries.

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