Undead Oz

A Trip to the Land Down Under

This is not the Oz you thought you knew! When Dawthy Pale's beloved dog Utoh is killed in a horrible accident, she learns that she can go to Oz and get him back. But along with finding some wonderful and strange new friends, she learns a lot more, about politics, and treachery, and some valuable life lessons.

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About Carol Bosselman

Carol Bosselman has been working on the Trials of A Demon Prince series since her teen years, loosely based on a D&D character. She has done writing for theater, including an adaptation of The Hobbit, and her view of how Shakespeare got his ideas in A Bard Dreaming. More recently she was involved in puppetry, including working scripts, puppeteering, and doing voiceovers for Dobbinshire, a planned children's series that aired on Schenectady Public Access.

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