Travels with My Hat

The remarkable story of how an Australian nurse became an award-winning travel writer and acclaimed photographer working alone in some of the most offbeat places on earth. This was trailblazing travel in a time well before the internet: before travel rating websites advised where to stay and before mass tourism disturbed the culture of many countries. In 1979 Christine Osborne travelled with the Buckingham Palace Press Corps to cover Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's tour of the Arab states. The hat incident of the title refers to a moment in Nizwa, in the Sultanate of Oman, when the Queen became separated from the royal party in the labyrinthine souq. Christine's other adventures in Yemen, Pakistan, Morocco, Ethiopia and Iraq are rounded off with letters to her mother who had never left Australia. Travels with My Hat: A lifetime on the road is an extraordinary account by a cool-headed young woman carrying her camera-bag and wearing her trusty blue hat.

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Christine Bowker Osborne was born in Sydney, NSW Australia. She trained as a nurse, graduating in 1963. She began writing about her overseas travels in the mid-sixties and in 1969, received the Pacific Area Travel Association Award for articles on south-east Asia. The following year, she received the PATA Grand Award for a feature on Burma. Settling in London in 1974,she produced her first book, The Gulf States and Oman, published in 1977. A string of other books and travel guides followed on developing countries in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa. Her most recent self published travel memoir details her experiences working as a freelance writer and photographer in these countries. which include 35 Muslim states. Travels with My Hat: A lifetime on the Road, received the non-fiction award for self publishing from the Self Publishing Review in April 2014.

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