Transformation 101

Your Guide to Empowerment in Just 3 Weeks

This is a book about Empowerment and your journey towards Well-ness. It’s answers to questions friends and clients asked me over the last decade. Questions about the basics of living in balance with Nature and how to cut through the confusing information on the internet. Weight loss and wellness is a side effect of living in tune with Nature.

Over the last decade of teaching, I’ve learned what’s important to conquer first through my students, clients, and close friends. While you will lose weight if you follow the guidelines I discuss in this book, this book is about gaining control of your life. It’s about standing up for yourself and saying no to what no longer serves you.

Trust me—I know how these subtle changes make a world of difference.

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"A real eye-opener...

I met Alicia years ago at my child's dojo, took one of her classes. Just like her class, the book is a real eye opener. Highly recommended to read!!!" - Jennifer M. Hammond

"A small step will lead to growing change. 

Am I being overly cynical in saying almost everything you say I've seen/heard before? You have done a great service gathering it all in one place. I suppose the biggest thing I've gotten from all of this is how a small step will lead to growing change. Even my transition has been a series of small steps - I just hadn't thought to apply that to other areas of my life. Also I kinda felt that my choices (food or clothing) were a frightening outlier and that can such a scary place to be! There is then reassurance in all you've written that I'm not necessarily all that wacky.....ok, maybe, a little..." -Tara G.

"It is always good to reaffirm things I already knew.

I'm with Tara! haha I knew a lot of this stuff but it made me happy, and is always good to reaffirm things I already knew. Also it reminds me that there are still ways to improve- I am still using canned beans, and don't kill me, but have not yet made the switch over to organic/nongmo :-x.
The shopping section made me laugh because I am fairly certain that maybe other than you, Alicia, nobody runs through the grocery store as fast as me. Dan kills me because I am constantly yards ahead of him just grabbing and going. If we stop, I 100% guarantee things that weren't on the list will get picked up, and a 50% chance that they will be shitty foods we pick up! I have no self control, so I control my lack of self control lmao.
The label reading is always especially helpful with all those hidden words." -Mel Sgambati

"Nutrition and Time Management...

It was all fabulous, but I think the nutrition and time management were the most helpful. Thank you for this class!" -Elizabeth L.



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About Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi

If you’ve visited my site (Pandora's Products), you know my expertise is in nutrition, cooking, herbal medicine, living seasonally, and organic skincare. You know I also teach about Ayurveda, living Compassionately and being eco-friendly.

While it’s taken me years to reach health success and peace of mind (20+), I’d like to challenge you to join me on a journey for just 3 weeks of your time.

My Mission is to teach you how to separate fact from fad. My Mission is also to empower you to live as easily, inexpensively, and safely as possible. To do this, you need to discern truth from trends. Or at least know the truth BEHIND a trend. Not all trends are bad. I want to teach you how to know the difference and be able to find the truth in every trend.

There is a middle road between medicine and nature, and I’m here to help you find it.

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