To the Front of the Bus:

Movement Toward a Fair Democracy

In contemporary history, unregulated and unfair capitalism has worked to undercut a majority of Americans, denying them in many cases the opportunity to fully pursue their happiness. Those at the top of a “representative” government and the ultra wealthy in society enrich themselves on the labors of a middle-class. To the Front of the Bus: Movement toward a Fair Democracy offers a cumulative history of how this talking point, this higher or lower series of hurdles, these rigged and staggered starting blocks, have manifested through America's turbulent and tenacious history.

To the Front of the Bus: Movement toward a Fair Democracy follows the transports of three major groups who were denied basic rights as Americans. Their evolution, their respective revolutions' order was left to be written in history as having been subconsciously prioritized. It was pre-destined, each having made a fluent transition, a natural selection, a humanely appropriate ascension, to the next. First came the removal of chains, the freeing of feet and minds, to fighting a Civil War and decades to win civil rights. Then came the women in their defined movements through decades for suffrage and equal rights. Time had come to pass. The abrogations of blacks and women's injustices readied the minds and streets for the disabled. Both cleared the way (as people on buses often do), expanded human consciousness enough, removed guilt of oppressing the prior groups enough, for the disabled to come out of the institutions and almshouses, to be accepted in society, to speak out for certain rights, and to be able to sit to the front of the bus.

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