To Catch a Butterfly

A Christian Romance

Yasmin Dupont` was brought up in a Muslim home from where she makes a carefully planned escape. She is in a race for her very existence – no longer a caterpillar kept captive in the tyrannic household; she has spread her beautiful wings to become a butterfly and fly away from imprisonment.

As a new graduate nurse, Yasmin travels far north to the bustling tropical city of Darwin. Here she meets the gorgeously handsome Doctor Roan Butler, a brilliant Emergency Room physician who is captivated by her. But can he guarantee her safety? Or will she be hunted down and found? What will be the outcome of this brave young woman?
Yasmin comes to know of the loving sacrifice of Jesus the son of God. She embraces this knowledge, welcoming the fact that she is no longer in bondage. Jesus has set her free.


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Adam Lynch/Leferia
5.0 out of 5 stars
To Catch A Butterfly...
May 8, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
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It's amazing to read a story and then think to oneself by the end how it all ties together. For instance, the title: to catch a butterfly. From the story I've just read I feel it means to catch something fragile and beautiful... and once caught, what is done with it? This is a story of a girl who fled her past life and found a new one--a life she's never known and has never expected to find. Yasmin, (also known by her other name, Mia), is the butterfly, and I feel that Jesus Christ is the one who has caught her in this story.

To Catch A Butterfly is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness. The author writes a powerful tale here, but the part I enjoyed the most about it was its bold Christian theme. A sure win for Christian readers, but it would be an even better read for anti-believers--better yet, readers who've felt just as Mia has, who were distressed by the belief they were forced to practice growing up, without letting them think for themselves and be who they were created to be.

But this is the relief that Mia has found in this story--that Christ can truly set her free. No longer will she be held captive under strict laws (that no imperfect human can actually follow), but under Christ, she is free from it all. And now she can finally become the person she was created to be--and shine in her relationship with Her beloved, Roan.

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Crystal enjoys gaining wisdom from reading and in turn, encourages readers on how to find Christ with her writing.

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