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Tired Thyroid

From Hyper to Hypo to Healing—Breaking the TSH Rule
Tired Thyroid book cover

Doctors aren't properly treating thyroid patients, so patients are turning to the internet for answers. Are doctors ordering the wrong lab tests? Are internet protocols safe? Read the book that separates thyroid fact from fiction.

Barbara Lougheed chronicles her journey from being diagnosed as hyperthyroid with Graves' disease, to undergoing radioactive iodine treatment, and finally being treated for hypothyroidism with Synthroid (levothyroxine). She searched for her optimal dose and questioned much of what doctors and fellow thyroid patients told her. Her research findings did not agree with what she'd been led to believe, and she presents these findings, along with charts and graphs, to explain thyroid physiology and the many misconceptions that exist about thyroid treatment protocols. There are numerous medical journal references, so patients can verify the information that's presented for themselves. Medical concepts are presented in plain English, with graphs and analogies that even the layperson can understand.

Read the case studies of a hypopituitary man, a woman with Hashimoto's thyroid disease, a fatigued young man with an iron loading condition, and a woman who successfully battled Graves' disease using alternative treatments. Learn why current medical treatment protocols are illogical, and why patients don't feel well when a TSH lab test determines their dose (the TSH Rule). Learn what tests to ask for instead, what a normal thyroid gland secretes, and the pros and cons of popular internet protocols. Are patients aware that there are three different types of thyroid medications, each with pros and cons, and that patients can still be hypothyroid even with "normal" labs? Is the iodine protocol, T3-only protocol to clear reverse T3 (rT3), or natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) a good idea for everyone? This book reveals the facts so patients can make an educated decision.


I have read hundreds of research papers on thyroid disorders, but your book is absolutely the best.  Your book is even better than Dr. Broda Barnes', and believe me, that's impressive.  Every medical school should make your book required reading.

Unfortunately, 95% of medical doctors are brainwashed into thinking that all they have to do is a serum TSH to rule out hypothyroidism.  This situation will only change when enough people read your book and force their doctors to diagnose and treat hypothyroidism properly.

--Louis Pottkotter, M.D.

I can't recommend this book enough, it's something I can't put a price tag on since to me its help was life changing. It literally made my life different.  The depth of the research the author has been through is amazing, and the knowledge she shares in her book is enough for you to be able to do what I did - adjust your thyroid meds to your ideal need.

Name the book about thyroid, I've read it. None is even close to the solid information provided here. No other author has researched the subject in the depth she did. If only I had read her book sooner, I'd have saved myself money (I still have many bottles of cynomel and cortef left), time and endless palpitations, nervousness and sweating episodes like I had when I used T3 or NDT only.

If you can only buy one book about thyroid, this would definitely be the one to choose. It covers hyperthyroidism in depth too. The book should be mandatory for endocrinologists to read - maybe then they would stop repeating the same bulls*** over and over.

--Melissa Almeida, a thyroid patient

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About Barbara S Lougheed

Barbara Lougheed was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She moved to Florida for the warmer, calmer weather, and has now lived through multiple freezes and hurricanes.

She worked as a database map analyst at a major newspaper before her early retirement. She loves analyzing data and looking for patterns, and this trait has served her well as a thyroid researcher. This knack for medical research led her to write and to publish this book. Her love of travel, photography, and food then led her to write and two travel ebooks about Oahu and Maui.  She also wrote a children's book with her husband about their unique cat.  Read more on

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