Time Passed

Following the war in Vietnam, more than 2,600 were left behind, and countless others suffered physical and emotional scars that lasted for years. Time Passed tells the stories of suffering experienced by Daniel Gardner, Phillip Russ and Benjamin Simms.

Daniel, a helicopter pilot serving his third tour, who lost his crew rescuing a downed naval pilot, is taken prisoner by Laotian soldiers and suffers through two years of torture. But it is two events that will change his life, the first he witnesses while held in captivity and the second awaits his return home.

Phillip, a helicopter pilot serving his first tour, is the lone survivor of his crew that was shot down resupplying a search and rescue mission in Cambodia. His degrading torture leads him to such emotional destruction that he tortures his wife in silence for more than three decades.

Benjamin, a Huey crew chief in his third tour, is shot down resupplying the 101st Airborne under attack at Firebase Ripcord. It is the news he receives while recovering from his wounds that leads him to live more than thirty years in self-imposed solitude.

Three decades later, the three are brought together for the first time by an unexplained, unnatural event that alters the course of their lives, and the years of silence begin to heal. The story closes in memoriam to those who never returned home.


Following is a partial review for Time Passed a reader posted on Amazon:

"I have to admit, this book is not in my usual genre, so I had low expectations that I would enjoy it. I couldn't have been more wrong! This book has become one of my all time favorite reads...You are brought into the jungle with these men, experiencing all their losses and struggles. It is a gut wrenching read, that covers decades of suffering of these men and the people they love."

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About Robert Barlow Jr

Time Passed is Robert's fourth, fiction novel. His other three are; At the Water's Edge, History Repeated: America's Next War Between the States and Criminal Diversions.

Robert graduated from Murray State University and has spent more than 25 years working as a safety and health professional.

In 2016 he retired from the U.S. Army Reserves after a 27-year career that included 20 years in the Army National Guard.

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