Thunderbird & the Search for Sovereignty

Political adventure is the best way to describe my novel. It walks the fine line of truth and fiction, and delves into the dark corners of law, history, and the supposed American Dream.

“I woke from a dream, within a dream, within a dream; and found my mind seared by the flames of a waking truth. Unable to will my heart to slumber again… I was forced to walk the red hot coals of a new absolute.

Behind me, I left the ashes of my former life, my former reality, my former relationships, and my former self. For, great personal sacrifices will be necessary, to stop a world addicted to illusions and financial wealth.

Know that we are all truth seekers in our own way, though we do not always honor that obligation. By embracing our responsibility to ourselves and others, we can finally realize that justice for ALL is the only true form of liberation.”

—Bree A. Hood

Raven is the bringer of messages, and of magic. Raven brings clarity and can see truths that others do not, tapping directly into the Great Mystery of the cosmos. Eagle is the bringer of courage and balance, protector of spiritual intuition, and facilitator of clear vision. Eagle, more than any other creature of air, brings hope to the hearts and minds of man. The stories of Raven and Eagle, as told by my elders, echo in my head like a beating drum. I know something is coming, and it scares me. Desperately, I look to the dominion of the sky, for I know only these two birds have the combination of medicine needed… to save our world. A tipping point has been reached. I felt it happen one day, as I sat atop my lonely hill… and now we must all prepare for what is coming. There will be no place to hide, from change. No haven from poverty, loss of housing, starvation, and untold suffering. There is no house large enough to protect and insulate the beautiful opulent people, from the wrath of Mother Nature—she cares not for privilege and wealth. No, we are doomed. We will suffer the consequences of a historic sin; and then we will continue to commit sins upon the earth, sins upon the people, sins upon freedom, and sins upon our own future. What histories will they write about us, what stories will they tell? Will they hate us for our wastefulness, wantonness, and our love of war and greed? I cannot bear that fate; I refuse to accept my role in history, is to be a betrayer of the human race. I must not give up. My mother would have told me, “White Crow, you cannot lose faith in yourself and your people.” She would have told me, “The Great Mystery has a plan. And Raven and Eagle will show you the way...”

Raven: Eagle, so you may bring clarity to the two-legs, allow yourself to walk a mile in the moccasins of this reality… the Chinese government has invaded the continental United States, and upon conquering the nation they have renamed it New China. After instituting communist rule of law, they rounded you and the rest of the surviving Americans up, and placed you in “camps.” The Chinese decide your conquered people reminded them of the British, so they rename you Brits. After some time, the Chinese government decides to “honor” all of you survivors, by officially changing the name of your people from Brits to Native Chinese.

Eagle: Ok, so I’m an American two-legs… and China is the invading force of two-legs. The conquerors took my land and home, and then took my name and my identity by renaming me a Brit. Now, to make me feel included, they call me a Native Chinese. I can no longer live in my way of democracy, and must now live under the communist way imposed by the Chinese two-legs. I’m guessing I will have to speak Chinese, and bear a Chinese name. That I will be forced to convert to their religion and to celebrate the culture of my oppressors… all while being called a Brit in a derogatory manner, behind my back.

Raven:  Exactly. You clearly understand the culture of the two-legs. Good. So how many generations would need to pass before you felt it would be okay for your family to be called Native Chinese? How many generations would need to pass before your family should be proud of their communist government? How long until they could feel pride in the Chinese name assigned to your ancestors and passed down from survivors? How many generations until you told your family that, since we haven’t gotten our land back, we should just give up and get with the Chinese program? Would it be your grandchildren? Your great, grandchildren? Your great, great, grandchildren? And, would you consider the treaties and laws enforced by the Chinese government to be valid and binding upon you?

Eagle (cocking his head in distress): Do I have to walk in those moccasins? Doing so causes my heart and head to pull me in different directions.

Raven: Well, Eagle, if you cannot bear a mile in those moccasins, try a mile in these. You are an American two-legs and your government decides that they want the resources of the Canadian two-legs, so they invade and take over their neighbor to the North. Upon conquering Canada, your government declares it to be part of America. They then force all the Canadians who lived through the violent invasion, to be rounded up and placed into “camps.” The U.S. government would then institute the rule of U.S. democratic law on those who survived. Giving them new civilized names, and taking their children to be placed in American schools… until the Canadian mindset can be educated out of them. After a few years, the government would want to distance itself from the destruction they caused, so they rename the conquered Canadians “Native Americans.”

Eagle: So, this time I’m an American two-legs, complicit in the violent United States take over and forced assimilation of all those nice Canadians?

Raven (nodding his large head solemnly): Yes, Eagle. As an American, how long would it take until you felt okay calling a surviving Canadian, a “Native American?” Right away? Or would it take a couple of months? Maybe a couple of decades? How would it feel to look a Canadian in the face, and call him or her, a Native American? Could you overcome your own guilt to go to their camps… could you even look them in the face? How would you feel if the Canadians were angry about the name change? Would you tell them to get over it? Tell them that their old way of life is in the past, and that they should be thankful America had saved them? Would you go on to name sports teams after them, in supposed honor of their destroyed culture?

Eagle: Perception changing questions, Raven. I could answer you, but mine is not the answer that really matters. Do you think the two-legs will be able to answer these questions for themselves?

Raven: The choice has always been theirs. The time when they must answer them as one… is rapidly approaching. You and I can only watch, and hope they will embrace the solutions the truth brings to them.

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About Bree A. Hood

I am a truth seeker by path, but my bio... is that I am me... completely and wholly... me. I have no titles, no accolades, and no degrees. What I do have… are good friends, my mind, my voice… and my fearlessness.

This book was researched and written by me. For, the truth's I found on my journey were too heavy to bear alone. They needed to be brought to light, but... also, solved. That is what I have attempted to do in my novel.

Due to lack of resources… it has also been edited by me… Damn it Jim, I’m a writer not editor!

The cover was also created by me.

Above all, the idea's presented in my book are designed to at least generate conversation, if not change, in this country.



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