This Tumbleweed Landed

Growing up as a member of a ranching family in Branson, a small town in southeastern Colorado, provided author Larada Horner-Miller a treasure-trove of stories, characters, and emotional moments that make up her touching memoir, This Tumbleweed Landed. This collection of poems and prose transports readers back to rural America during the fifties and sixties, to one idyllic, tight-knit community in particular. Each of the book’s eight sections weaves a nostalgic yarn that tells of playtimes with friends and neighbors, favorite hiding places, living without a telephone for the first eleven years of life, and the touching memories of growing up on a ranch community. Whether it is Saturday night dances or hot days working with 4-H at the county fair, the poems and pages roll along like a tumbleweed in search of a place to land. Readers will find themselves longing to go back to this very specific time and place, whether they actually experienced it in their own lives or not.

Read about this daddy’s little girl and her adventures that mold and shape her formative years. Where will this tumbleweed land, and what kind of woman will she be when she finally arrives?


I just read it and Larada has done an awesome job of depicting her home town of Branson CO. I loved the combination of prose and poetry which made for an easy read. Her family and friends of her home town is where her heart lies. Good job Larada!

This book is such a relief from the typical formula novel or the plastic, phoney romances one finds everywhere. The poetry of rhythm without rhyme makes for easy reading that brings special emphasis to words and thoughts. They style is artistic without being contrived. Several years ago I happened to drive through the area described in the book, and wondered what people did in such an arid and remote place. I saw the scattered houses and ranches and tried to imagine what occupied the inhabitants. Now I have a feel for what life was like in that place, in another time, and I find that it had elements of both simplicity and depth. I read this book in a couple of sittings, before going to sleep at night, because it was soothing and gave me happy dreams. I will re-read it because I will find something old and something new and something special each time.

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About Larada Horner-Miller

Larada Horner-Miller is a poet and essayist who lives with her husband in Tijeras, New Mexico—a town nestled in the east mountains above Albuquerque. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, with a minor in Spanish and a master of education degree in integrating technology into the classroom. For thirteen years, she was a beautician until transitioning into what would become a twenty-seven year career in education.

In addition to This Tumbleweed Landed, her other publications include Let Me Tell You a Story, Branson-Trinchera Historic Photos (coauthored with Tom Cummins), and Building Capacity with the Common Core State Standards for ELA-Literacy (coauthored with Karen White).

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