The Zone

We know intuitively when we are in The Zone. We know all too frustratingly when we are out of The Zone.

What we don't know where this mythical zone is for sure. Sometimes we end up there more by accident than design. When we're out of it, there’s no map to get us back there.

The Zone is an attempt at drafting that map. When we do, we find there is not just one zone but many. We have Doing Zones and Being Zones. We can even get trapped in Danger Zones.

This book explores where the boundaries of the Zone lie and how to get past Border Control without a passport.

The aim is to end up in the Magic Zone. This is a place where we can live a charmed and enchanting life. It’s a place where we go with the flow and we stop pushing water uphill.

If you perform live as a sports person or on stage as a singer, musician or presenter, you will find much here to help you keep at your peak.

If you work in the creative sphere where you are performing too but off line, this book will show you how to deliver high quality output consistently.

If you are in business, there is much here you can use to give you a competitive edge.

If you work in a client-facing role, find out how to keep both you and your customers smiling.

If you are in a relationship, this book is awash with tips to keep everything fresh, dynamic and interesting. You will learn how you can fall in love every single day with the same person, if that’s your bag.

If you are out of a relationship, you’ll find simple techniques to change the ‘inner-you’ such that the perfect partner breezes into your world.

The Zone is a clarion call to each of us to enjoy life to the full and to perform at our best. Note though that being in the zone is not all about activity and energy, you will learn how relaxation and ‘me-time’ are essential components of a Zone-Full existence.

When you are fully immersed in The Zone, life becomes a breeze and takes on a magical quality. You feel and know as if you have fully arrived for the first time.

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About Tom Evans

Tom is an author, ideas generator and wizard of light bulb moments. He is a master of the arts of Whole Brain and Whole Mind Thinking – they are very different.

He specialises in making the esoteric into the exoteric and has been called, by others, a modern day mystic, seer and healer. Using a set of elegant techniques, he teaches both how to tap into an unlimited flow of inspiration and how to make ideas actually come to fruition.

He has spent 30 years in the cutting edge of product development in the broadcast and Internet industries. He has a knack for explaining complex concepts in simple terms. More recently has been researching the psychology and physiology behind inspiration and is lifting the lid on the mystery of where ideas, and thought, come from.

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