The Wyrmstone

A teen girl, left alone to raise her brothers, is drawn into an adventure of life & death fantasy gaming and dragons unleashed.

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By ReaderWriterEditor on August 6, 2013

This book has a host of wonderful characters -- the heroine, Mimi who is struggling to keep custody of her brothers and deal with menaces such as swamp dragons; her brother, Justin, and his cohort of sword and sorcery aficionados (including a wizard who can indeed cast spells): her brother, Nicholi, who has all the charm of a six-year-old on his best behavior and who seems to be the only one who can communicate with the teddy bear; and the teddy bear, Didoo, whose comforting hug and wise advice help smooth the path for Nicholi and the rest. And we mustn't forget Carlos (the sexy new boy-friend candidate), or Duke, the he-is-no-loss ex-boyfriend, or creepy Steve with his bat wing cloak.

Central to the plot is the Wyrmstone, with a history that reaches into a forgotten magical past, and the archmage who controls it. Can a troupe of teenaged warriors and wizards (with the help of a mostly mundane sister and a wise-beyond-belief six-year-old and his stuffed bear) defeat a centuries-old mage? Mimi will need to recognize the magical world and accept her place in it, or the archmage and his dragons will win.

Ms. Murphy has a fine touch with character and plot, but also with language. She has a gift for the right detail, the evocative phrase, and the humorous situation that leave me as enchanted as the dragons of the Wyrmstone.

By ML on February 10, 2013

It was like experiencing Dungeons and Dragons brought to life...cleverly conceived, and wonderfully written! I loved the suspenseful, complex, and interwoven characters.

By Aromasmom on August 25, 2013

Like Lisa Murphy's other books, I couldn't put this one down. I started it one evening, read through the night, and finished it the next day (after a nap). As a teenager my son and all his friends were Dungeon's and Dragon's followers, and so I peripherally learned language and context. This fantasy story enthralled me because it is told from the point of view of a young woman working hard to keep custody of her two younger brothers, while her magical destiny unfolds. Seriously good reading. And now I'll send it along to my son.
By James on March 25, 2013
Creative story that takes you for a ride from the beginning. Characters you can relate to and feel for. A good read.
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Lisa Murphy is a semi-retired family physician who writes in a variety of genres, including magical realism (contemporary fantasy), Sci-fi, and historical fiction. She lives in the Seattle, Washington area with her family. In her free time (when not writing or earning a living) she loves to garden, travel internationally, and read.

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