The War Zone

Won By The Blood

Life can be a War Zone; it can be full of darkness in which I have seen much of; drugs, homelessness, abuse, loss of all kinds, including spiritual battles in this life. I am a warrior at the front lines of this tormented world. My training is from years of experience on the battle grounds called 'life's experiences‘. Raised in Chico CA, rated by many as the ‘number 1 party town’, there was much temptation and darkness. I have seen war on the souls in this realm that most will never. This is my testimony, a true story. Some contents can be disturbing but it has made me the person I am today. I know it will help you overcome, have victory, and dominion in your life battles that you have faced or ever will!

This is my life story, I have been through many life battles and have knowledge and experiences that will help many.  As we all know; there is much moral decay in society along with the growing issues of drug abuse that many need help with and direction in. The War Zone can help you to find your own freedom and dominion in any battles you face.

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"Never let anything or no one get you down!"

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About Shelly M. Keehl

I was born and raised in Chico ca. I have raised two awesome kids and now have my first grandson. I have been through many battles but I love life and have no regrets. I have great faith in God and all he can do for you. I am excited about getting my testimony out in hopes my life can make a difference in yours. May God bless you!

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