The Ultimate Wonder

The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death, by Skywalker Storyteller, shines a light on the second life experience all humans share. World folklore with wisdom, artfulness, and lightness provides comfort, strength, and fearlessness to those facing death, contemplating its inevitability, or mourning the loss of loved ones.
The Ultimate Wonder’s stories and commentary explore death through many lenses. Chapters reveal how to live lives that prepare for a peaceful death; how those left can be comforted in their grief; how to accept death’s inevitability; how to learn lessons death teaches; how to find humor in those lessons, and how to transcend death. Most of the stories are retold from world folklore. Original stories, written in folkloric style, illustrate the writer’s storytelling skill in sharing her understanding of death as a natural part of life.
Combining her knowledge of storytelling, nursing, and Buddhism in The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death, Skywalker Storyteller, Skywalker Payne, RN, offers readers of all ages, sexes, classes, and races a unique look at death that is uplifting, inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining

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Skywalker Storyteller is a professional oral storyteller and writer. Skywalker Payne is a registered nurse and happy wife to Brian Payne, creator of Zinc Comics. My writing includes fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, folklore, and essays. Visit my website to read blogs, hear and see stories, and sign up for upcoming works.
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