The Train from Outer Space

A tween underachiever teams up with a tiny alien to stop another menacing creature from destroying Earth, only to find that neither creature is trustworthy and he must save the planet himself.

A 12 yr. old boy and his dog rescue a tiny alien, Lil Dude, from a huge living train piloted by a vicious alien, Rotaxis. In an attempt to force Brady to hand over the little alien, Rotaxis accidentally sends Earth through a wormhole, placing it in harm’s way. Now, in addition to protecting the secretive tiny being, Brady and his friends must figure out how to return Earth to its proper rotation before the planet is destroyed.

When Lil Dude tells Brady where to find a wormhole reverser, Brady and best friend, Franky commandeer Rotaxis’ living space ship and head for space to fight off alien monsters and bond with strange and wonderful creatures.

However, just as Brady finds the wormhole reverser, he discovers he’s only the pawn in an intergalactic game and none of the players are on his side.

Now, with more enemies to face and no one left to trust, Brady and Franky must fight to make it back to earth.

They reach home, where Earth is only minutes from disaster. There, e Brady and friends defeat the last of the monsters, reveal the startling true identity of Rotaxis and, with seconds left for humanity, save the planet from extinction, thereby winning the game.

And somewhere, far, far away, the Game Master applauds and begins to plan the next challenge…

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About Alan Sproles

Alan Sproles, award-winning author and screenwriter, poet, sculptor, and songwriter, endeavors to create exciting stories and characters for young adults or finding heroes of our culture to bring to his reader’s attention. He loves sharing through the written word to enrich the lives of his readers as well as himself. Dr. Sproles endorses and promotes creative pursuits to all who will listen.
He is currently writing the sequels to his first two books, as well as two historical fiction ones. He loves golf (at war with writing) and family stuff. He is currently sculpting all the characters in his book Billy Bedivere to give his readers the author’s rendition of what they might look like. At some point those may be available as toys. He is developing an interactive section on his website that may include video games using his books as the design. Using all tools available to take readers from the written page to some visualization to stimulate their imagination is the power of writing in this present age.

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