The Ten Commandments of Condo Buying is a 30 page guide for those thinking about buying a condo. Dan S. Barnabic, a noted consumer advocate and former real estate agent, broker, property manager, and condominium developer, gives condo buyers ten essential tips every condo buyer must know before purchasing a unit, including invaluable information on:

–When to buy
–Hidden pitfalls to avoid
–Making an offer
–Carrying costs
–Choosing a unit with the best resale value
–Minimizing your condo ownership risks

Make The Ten Commandments of Condo Buying ebook your first stop before you commit to one of the largest purchases of your life.

"Barnabic's expertise is invaluable to those considering condominium ownership."
–KIMBERLY WINSON-GEIDEMAN, Ph.D., prolific author on real estate and Professor of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Law at the University of North Texas

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About Dan Barnabic

Dan S. Barnabic is a noted consumer advocate with over four decades experience in the real estate industry as real estate agent, broker, property manager and condominium developer.


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