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The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

Book One of the Ialana Series
Book One of Ialana Series
Six young people on the run, guided by a shared dream, driven by memories they can't explain.
Jarah, an insecure sixteen-year-old from the village of Meadowfield who yearns for a different life.
Adain, Jarah's good-looking and popular friend, who has a tendency to be too trusting.
Tegan, an overly-sensitive girl from a neighboring village, who is betrothed to a boy she doesn't even like.
Djana, an entitled debutante, who discovers a secret about her parents she wishes she hadn't.
Kex, a fiery huntress from the Stone Wolf clan of the tundra, who flees her home to avoid marriage with an older man.
Tristan, a skilled soldier on the wrong team, who must make a choice that will change his life.
The Six come together, along with a seventh, seemingly by accident, but in their world, nothing ever happens by chance. On a quest to discover the secret of their past before it catches up with them, they must cross a continent and a deadly mountain range inhabited by a mysterious and transcendental shape-shifter, along with lethal mutants. They must find a powerful crystal lost 500 years ago, and rediscover their original mission.
Will they succeed this time, or will they once again be betrayed by one of their own?


"The Six and the Crystals of Ialana by Katlynn Brooke is the first book in the beginning of a series, and one of my new favorite entries in the fantasy genre. Before I go on, I saw that this book was dedicated: "To my mother, who always wanted me to write," and I want to say that the author's mother would be very proud....I strongly recommend this series to all my friends and fantasy lovers as it provides a new and interesting take on our favorite genre." Levi, Online Bookclub

 "...It is a story of honor, courage, friendship and betrayal that goes beyond time. It unravels slowly and smoothly so that any reader can follow the plot easily." Maria Beltran, Reader's Favorite

"One of the things which impressed me most was the author’s ability to play to such a wide age group. Like some of the best Disney flicks, and some of those Steven Spielberg films like E.T., Hook, and The Adventures of Tintin, there’s something here for almost any age. Because there is so much fleeing on foot from soldiers across vast distances and varied landscapes, always moving towards more powerful magic, perhaps the series this book is most structured like is Lord of the Rings, which is a good thing, being as this is a traditional fantasy." Ian, Amazon Reader

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About katlynnbrooke

Katlynn Brooke spent her formative years in Africa, running barefoot in the bushveld, and often home schooled or sent to boarding schools.

As a child, she day-dreamed far too much, incurring the wrath of her teachers, but this tendency came in handy later on in life when she decided to be a writer.

Now living in Virginia, far from the African bushveld, she writes and self-publishes young adult fantasy books of adventure and daring, spiced with sci-fi concepts and the metaphysical.

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