The Side Hustle Gal

A part time entrepreneur's guide to life and business

After more than eight years as a part time entrepreneur, Dannie Fountain has experienced just about every success and failure in entrepreneurship, along with everything in between. She's worked professionally for companies like Whirlpool, H&R Block, and Mr. Kate as well as in an entrepreneurial capacity for large public school systems, tv and radio stations, and more. Fountain takes this experience as a modern-day entrepreneur to help others understand how to survive in the cutthroat world of entrepreneurship.

The Side Hustle Gal is an awakening for anyone feeling less than worthy. The movement all started with this book. Part time entrepreneurship is hard and this book aims to save some time for amazing women like you by collecting entrepreneurial resources all in one place. The book features stories from entrepreneurs throughout various walks of life, coupled with Fountain's lessons on entrepreneurship, balancing work and play, and how to live the life you want. There's this perception that to be a "real" entrepreneur, you have to do it full time, but that simply isn't true. This book aims to highlight the unique struggles and triumphs of the Side Hustle Gal.

Dannie Fountain is an entrepreneur and writer. She lives in Chicago, IL. This is her first book.

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About Dannie L Fountain

Dannie Fountain is a marketing consultant and the Founder of LE Consulting. She has worked in marketing for brands such as Whirlpool, H&R Block, and Mr. Kate. Her greatest passion is traveling the world. She's also a certified scuba diver and has her student pilot certification and those skills are evident in her well-rounded approach to marketing.

Dannie works with entrepreneurs to brainstorm, strategize, and implement marketing plans and processes to better their business. Her work also includes creating strategies for hiring and managing a team as a creative entrepreneur. She’s also the author of a series of successful e-courses.

Always up for a collaborative project, Dannie is also the author of the upcoming book The Side Hustle Gal, releasing Fall 2016. The book features contributions from entrepreneurs throughout the creative community and focuses on processes and a support system to make part time entrepreneurship easier and less stressful.

Dannie is a regular guest contributor and speaker on marketing and the creative entrepreneur’s struggle with hiring worldwide

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