The Shaking Ground

Anky The Daydreaming Dinosaur
Anky The Daydreaming Dinosaur

Anky is a dinosaur with a difference – he has magical daydreams that let him see the future! Accompanied by his friends Dippy and ShiShi, he explores the world and gets up to mischief. Whether the team are picking berries, meeting new pals or hunting down a dragon, there’s no end to the prehistoric excitement! Aimed at readers aged 4-9, “The Shaking Ground” is a thrilling story straight from the Jurassic.

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About Ashleigh Hanley

Ashleigh Hanley was born in Sydney, Australia, and has worked in magazine publishing and video production. Currently, Ashleigh runs Audience Productions, a corporate video company, and Wendy, Honey; a creative entity he co-owns.

Anky The Daydreaming Dinosaur series is his first foray into Children's Book writing. Having spent many years writing film scripts, he was inspired by the freedom children's book writing allowed for creativity and imagination.

Seeing the characters come to life is his inspiration to keep doing more.

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