The Runaway Dandelion; Adventures In SustainAbility

A once idyllic meadow, home to animals, birds, insects, wildflowers and ancient apple trees is clear cut by a bulldozer to make way for new construction. Miraculously, there is one survivor...a lonely little dandelion. When her golden petals turn to white fluff, she takes flight in search of a new home. We get a bird's eye view of her journey over many big houses and manicured green lawns. When she spots a lush green meadow, surrounded by wetlands, we follow her down to earth, and cheer as she puts down new roots. We meet all the inhabitants of this small Family Farm and observe their daily life. What's special about this farm is that each of their activities contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, and consequently lead to a brighter and more promising future. A contemporary fable that is as informative as it is timely. Young readers, as well as parents and teachers, can explore many earth friendly techniques including organic gardening, solar and wind power, water harvesting, alternative heating, growing medicinal herbs, and cultivating gourmet mushrooms on logs. There is a Glossary, and suggestions for family friendly cooking-with-dandelion recipes. A comprehensive resource list of follow up links encourages readers to further explore these Permaculture techniques.

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The Runaway Dandelion takes us on a fun adventure toward sustainability! The lively illustrations and interesting and informative story reveal how easy and fun it can be to be green! This story will inspire children to learn more about ecology and our place in it! --Dr. Craig Mellow, Nobel Prize in Physiology 2006

The Runaway Dandelion is an engaging contemporary fable that will make children think about their world from a whole new perspective.Readers will empathize with the sad dandelion who has seen the landscape around it dramatically change and then cheer it on as it searches for a new home. This delightful tale of The Runaway Dandelion is sure to become a favorite for anyone that values sustainable living and a great classroom resource to use with the New Generation Science Standards. --Suzette DiTonno M.Ed, Ed.S 3rd Grade Teacher

"The Runaway Dandelion" is more than a modern eco-fable, it is a true story to inspire a generation with its vision of healthy alternatives for human families living compatibly with nature.

Midwest Book Review
Nancy Lorraine
Senior Reviewer

Superb for teaching little ones to love our planet and to take care of ourselves and our environment.

Children's Book Review
Ava Kidz

The Runaway Dandelion is a 48 page children's book that is full of permaculture goodness for young kids up to age ten or so.  As the reader follows the journey of the dandelion, they are introduced to many permaculture practices, including natural swimming pools, wild harvesting, beekeeping, soil biology and food preservation.  I was very happy to find that this book has a glossary for many of the terms used in the story, as well as a resource list of useful websites.  As a children's book, I think it's great that it includes useful knowledge and skills along with the story.  Also included in the book, is a page dedicated to cooking with dandelion flowers and greens.  The illustrations bring the story to life on every page so even very young children that aren't reading yet can enjoy it.  My kids have been reading this book for the past couple of weeks and they really like it.  I received this book just as the dandelions in our yard were beginning to flower so it's been a good motivator for the kids to experiment with dandelions. I even started my own batch of dandelion and ginger vinegar that will probably be ready sometime in the fall.  I would like to see more books like this one because it's entertaining, educational and it focuses on what we can do to improve our lives with nature.
Craig Dobbson, Master Steward

Today, I'm honored to be in the virtual company of Jill Regensburg.
Jill is the author of the recently released children's book, The Runaway Dandelion; Adventures in SustainAbility (EarthWardProject), illustrated by Leticia Plate. A Certified Permaculture Designer, her focus is on creating sustainable, organic indoor and outdoor spaces for living and growing food. She has designed, and for many years lived on a homestead in Vermont such as described in the story. As a Natural Foods Personal Chef and Teacher, Jill is passionate about preparing and eating organic, local, seasonal food and embracing an earth friendly lifestyle. As a mother and grandmother, she believes that inspiring young students to embrace ecologically sound practices, is the key to saving Planet Earth. The author's practice of Permaculture (permanent-culture) takes its cues from, and imitates, nature.
John B. Valeri, Book Reviewer, Columnist, Author

Profile Photo Jill Regensburg

About Jill Regensburg

Jill Regensburg grew up in New York City, a native of Manhattan. She spent summers playing in the ocean off of Fire Island and The Springs, L.I., and many happy summers at camp in Thetford, VT. In Greenwich Village, she attended NYU as a student of Theatre Arts. After working in off Broadway theatre and TV production, she spent time in France studying cooking at Maxim's in Paris. Her Family moved to Westport, Ct. when her children were 6 and 2, and there she created one of the first "natural food" restaurants called Something Special. Embracing the Organic, Local, Seasonal food movement, she became a student of Permaculture and eventually migrated north to the woods of Marlboro VT where she strived to become self sufficient, helping to carve out a sustainable homestead. This is the setting for her first Children's book for young readers and listeners. The Runaway Dandelion; Adventures in SustainAbility is a contemporary, environmental adventure story that focuses on the many green, earth friendly life choices that are available to all of us, here on our challenged planet.

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