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The Reichsbank Gold


February 1945 : With the war nearly over, the Nazi regime moves their entire cash and gold reserves worth billions, from Berlin to the salt mines of Merkers. But some of the gold never makes it there, and it is never found again.

September 2017 : A fierce national election campaign is being fought out in Germany. Extreme right-wing nationalists, connected to a major election candidate, are terrorising the streets and murdering at will. Somehow, it is all connected to the missing Nazi gold 70 years before.

Captain Sophie Decker of the elite, secretive, and ruthless Department 89 is given an order by the beleaguered Chancellor. Take down the terrorists and find the missing Nazi gold. But someone has their own secret agenda.

German democracy is at stake – and only Department 89 can save it.


"The action is beautifully described and emotionally grabbing".

"This is one rollercoaster that is difficult to put down until you finished reading it!"

Profile Photo Mark O'Neill

About Mark O'Neill

Mark is a 40-something Scotsman, now living the expatriate lifestyle in Würzburg, Germany. He is married to a beautiful German woman, and is part-owner to a gorgeous but crazy dog called Schlumpf.

Mark has been writing for 30 years, and is now an independently published fiction eBook author. In the past, he has also travelled around Europe, and worked in other industries such as the British Government, journalism, catering, tourism, banks, English teaching, and many others too numerous to count.

He is now writing the Department 89 books with Captain Sophie Decker, and a series of crime novels are planned. The first D89 book, The Renegade Spy was downloaded more than 4,000 times in the first 4 weeks. The second book in the series, The Reichsbank Gold, was released in October 2017. Plots have been outlined for up to 20 Department 89 novels.

The first book, "The Renegade Spy" has received rave reviews, with one reviewer comparing Sophie Decker to the female version of Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies. The third book in the series, The Executioner, is due out in December 2017.

You can visit Mark at his website at

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