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Seeker of Magic – The Realm of Magic Vol 1

The Realm of Magic (Vol. 1)

Orphaned as a child, Taliesin was adopted by the Ravens, a clan that makes its living searching battlefields for valuables. Although she yearns to leave the scavenging lifestyle behind, she is good at it and has a knack for finding treasure amongst the fallen.

Civil war is brewing, though, and leaders both good and evil are searching for the magic weapons they need to help their forces achieve victory. The most powerful of these ancient blades if Ringerike, a sword that is said to be both a king-maker and a king-killer; it is a weapon so beautiful that people are transfixed by just the sight of it.

If Taliesin can find Ringerike, she can free herself from her life as a scavenger and save her Clan from the sinister forces out to destroy it. But not all is as it seems, and friends are not always friends; she will have to choose her allies wisely if she is to survive, much less find the sword that could be her salvation.

"Seeker of Magic" initiates the "Realm of Magic" trilogy, an epic fantasy series in the tradition of Tolkien and Feist, where magic is alive and well, and one person could be the savior of the world...or its downfall.

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About Susanne Lynn Lambdin

Susanne Lambdin's new fantasy/supernatural trilogy is to sure to become a hit with lovers of sword and sorcery novels. She was inspired at a young age by authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs, Catherine Mary Stewart, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and JRR Tolkien. She is known for writing strong female characters to inspire the younger generation. "A female can do anything she wants. There are no restriction as long as you endeavor to persevere and hold onto your dreams."

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